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    New release available from Faturenet Recordings.Free download @
01 Eschatology02 Because He Loves You03 Destroyer04 Dog Bite (Oscifer Remix)05 MAJOR ZOMBIE SPLIT (Hellscion Remix)Incentive - Production & MixingChase Jackson - Master EngineerOscifer - Remix (4)Hellscion - Remix (5)
    New release available from Faturenet Recordings.
    Free download @

    01 Eschatology
    02 Because He Loves You
    03 Destroyer
    04 Dog Bite (Oscifer Remix)
    05 MAJOR ZOMBIE SPLIT (Hellscion Remix)

    Incentive - Production & Mixing
    Chase Jackson - Master Engineer
    Oscifer - Remix (4)
    Hellscion - Remix (5)
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    [nucboy001] Incentive - Cyberpunk Age (Lossless Audio)

    Originally released on Faturenet Recordings in 2012, Incentive’s Cyberpunk Age EP is now available for the first time in lossless formats. Enjoy this free release, now available in FLAC and ALAC.

    Artist Incentive
    Title Cyberpunk Age
    Genre Electronic, IDM, Minimal
    Release April 5, 2013
    Label Nuclear Boy
    Format Lossless
    Download Link

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    Check out this interview I did for Ewphoria.

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